British Battleships
1861 - 1960

Major Actions and Losses 

Date Action Ships Involved Losses
06-Sep-1870   Captain, capsized in storm.
01-Sep-1875   Vanguard, sank after collision.
11-Jul-1882 Bombardment of Alexandria. Alexandra, Inflexible, Invincible, Monarch, Sultan, Superb. Temeraire.  
22-Jan-1893   Victoria, sank after collision.
30-May-1906   Montagu, total loss after grounding on Lundy Island.
28-Aug-1914 Heligoland Bight. Invincible, Lion, New Zealand, Princess Royal, Queen Mary.  
27-Oct-1914   Audacious, mined.
24-Nov-1914   Bulwark, ammunition explosion.
08-Dec-1914 Falkland Islands. Inflexible, Invincible, (Canopus).  
01-Jan-1915   Formidable, torpedoed.
24-Jan-1915 Dogger Bank. Indomitable, Lion, New Zealand, Princess Royal, Tiger.  
18-Mar-1915 Dardanelles - first breakthrough attempt. Many ships took part in the Dardanelles campaign at various stages, including:

Agamemnon, Albion, Canopus, Goliath, Implacable, Irresistible, London, Lord Nelson, Majestic, Ocean, Prince George, Prince of Wales, Queen, Swiftsure, Triumph, Venerable, Vengeance.  

Irresistible, mined. Ocean, mined.
13/27-May 1915 Dardanelles - continuing operations. Goliath, torpedoed (13-May),
Triumph, torpedoed (25-May),
Majestic, torpedoed (27-May).
06-Jan-1916   King Edward VII, mined.
27-Apr-1916   Russell, mined.
31-May-1916 Jutland. Grand Fleet and 2nd Battle Squadron:
Agincourt, Ajax, Bellerophon, Benbow, Canada, Centurion, Collingwood, Colossus, Conqueror, Erin, Hercules, Iron Duke, King George V, Marlborough, Monarch, Neptune, Orion, Revenge, Royal Oak, St Vincent, Superb, Temeraire, Thunderer, Vanguard.
5th Battle Squadron:
Barham, Malaya, Valiant, Warspite.
Indefatigable, Indomitable, Inflexible, Invincible, Lion, New Zealand, Princes Royal, Queen Mary, Tiger.
Indefatigable, Invincible, Queen Mary - by gunfire.
09-Jan-1917   Cornwallis, torpedoed.
09-Jul-1917   Vanguard, internal explosion.
17-Nov-1917 Off Heligoland. Courageous, Glorious, Repulse.  
09-Nov-1918   Britannia, torpedoed.
14-Oct-1939   Royal Oak, torpedoed.
13-Apr-1940 Second Narvik. Warspite.  
03-Jul-1940 Oran. Hood, Resolution, Valiant.  
09-Jul-1940 Calabria. Malaya, Royal Sovereign, Warspite  
23/25-Sep-1940 Dakar. Barham, Resolution.  
27-Nov-1940 Cape Teulada. Ramillies, Renown.  
09-Feb-1941 Bombardment of Genoa/Leghorn. Malaya, Renown.  
28-Mar-1941 Matapan. Malaya, Valiant, Warspite.  
21-Apr-1941 Bombardment of Tripoli. Barham, Malaya, Warspite.  
18/27May-1941 Hunt for Bismarck. Hood, King George V, Prince of Wales, Ramillies, Renown, Repulse. Hood, (19-May), by gunfire.)
20/23-May-1941 Crete. Barham, Queen Elizabeth, Warspite.  
24-Nov-1941   Barham, torpedoed.
10-Dec-1941   Prince of Wales and Renown, sunk by Japanese aircraft.
08-Nov-1942 'Operation Torch' - North Africa Landings. Duke of York, Nelson, Renown, Rodney.  
10-Jul-1943 'Operation Husky' - Sicily landings. Howe, King George V, Nelson, Rodney, Valiant, Warspite.  
09-Sep-1943 Salerno landings. Nelson, Rodney, Valiant, Warspite.  
26-Dec-1943 North Cape. Duke of York.  
06-Jun-1944 'Operation Overlord' - Normandy landings. Nelson, Ramillies, Rodney, Warspite.  
15-Aug-1944 'Operation Dragoon' - South of France landings. Ramillies.  
01-Apr-1945 Okinawa landings. Howe, King George V.  
29-Jul-1945 Bombardment of Tokyo. King George V.  
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