HMS Superb (1880) BB  (6th)

This the sixth HMS Superb was built at Thames Iron Works, Blackwell.  

She was laid down in 1873, and launched in 1875 at Blackwell for the Turkish Government as ‘Hamidieh’. Bought for the Royal Navy 20-Feb-1878 for £443,000 (with armament),  renamed Superb, and completed in Nov-1880.

Spending the majority of her career as a member of the Mediterranean Fleet based in Gibraltar, she was part of the Navy at the peak of its global influence. 
She took part in the Bombardment of Alexandria on the 11 July 1882; during the action she received 3 hits suffering 1 killed and 3 wounded. Later on in the bombardment she landed marines near Ramleh. This action saw the first use of searchlights to assist targeting at night however “this greatly confused our own side”. 

She was refitted and modernised at Portsmouth between 1893 and 1896. After this she spent three years on the Clyde as a coastguard ship before going into Reserve in 1899.

Sold 15-May-1906.

Won the Battle Honour: Alexandria 1882.


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