HMS Hood (1920) BC  (3rd)

This the third HMS Hood was a single ship class of battlecruiser.

HMS Hood was laid down in Sep-1916 and completed in Mar-1920.

She joined the Fleet as Flagship Battlecruiser Squadron. In 1923 in company with HMS Repulse went on a world cruise to South Africa, the far east, Australia, across the Pacific to the United States and then home. Taking 10 months in all. After this she remained with the Home or Atlantic Fleets until 1936. She underwent a long refit from 1929-31 and several shorter refits during that time.

Took part in the King George V Silver Jubilee Fleet Review 16-Jul-1935.

In 1936 she joined the Mediterranean Fleet from 1936-39. Then after a short refit in early 1939 she joined the Home Fleet.

In June 1940 was part of Force H which formed at Gibraltar and later took part in the bombardment of the French Fleet at Oran on 3-July-1940. Then she rejoined the Home Fleet August-1940.

On 19-May-1941 Hood in company with HMS Prince of Wales (1941) sailed from Scapa Flow to join in the hunt for the Bismarck. On 24-May-1941 both ships engaged Bismarck and her accompanying cruiser Prince Eugen. Bismarck's fifth salvo straddled Hood and one, possibly two, shells hit causing a massive explosion near the main mast,  probably a magazine blowing up. The explosion broke the ship in two and she sank leaving only three survivors of her company. 

Won the Battle Honour: 'Bismarck' 1941.


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