HMS Warspite (1915) BB  (7th)

This the seventh HMS Warspite was one of five Queen Elizabeth Class (1915) battleships.

Built at Devonport Dockyard, laid down in Oct-1912, launched 26-Nov-1913 and completed in Mar-1915.

Joined the Grand Fleet March-1915. Received 13 hits at Jutland, with considerable damage, including jammed steering gear and some flooding. After repair she remained with the Grand Fleet for the rest of WW1.

Served with the Atlantic Fleet 1919-24. Then refit until 1926. Mediterranean Fleet 1926-30, followed by a return to the Atlantic Fleet  1930-34. Major reconstruction 1934-37. Mediterranean Fleet 1937-39. Rejoined Home Fleet early 1940.

Troop convoy escort duties followed, including action during the Norwegian campaign April 1940; Second battle of Narvik 13-April-1940.

In May-1940 returned to the Mediterranean as Flagship. Saw action off Calabria 9-July-1940, during which she obtained a hit on the Italian battleship Guilio Cesare.  Shore bombardments included Bardia and Tripoli. 28-Mar-1941 Battle of Matapan. 22-May-1941 damaged by bomb during operations off Crete. After temporary repairs at Alexandria, proceeded via Singapore to Bremerton, Seattle for permanent repair. 

Joined the Eastern Fleet Jan-1942 but returned to the Mediterranean to take part in the Salerno landings Sept-1943. During bombardment duties was hit by two glider bombs and was severely damaged including flooding of the boiler rooms. Temporary repairs at Malta and Gibralter allowed her to return to Rosyth in the UK, March194 for additional repair. 

Although not all the damage had been made good she took part in bombardment operations off the Normandy landings June-1944. She returned to Rosyth 11-June to change her gun barrels which had become badly worn. On 13-June-44 off Harwich she struck a mine and was again severely damaged, but made it to Rosyth for partial repair. Rejoined the bombardment force 25-Aug-44; in action off Brest, Le Havre and Walcheren. That completed her wartime service.

Sold 12-Jul-1946.

While under tow to the breakers yard 17-Apr-1947 she broke tow and ran aground at Prussia Cove, Cornwall, where she eventually broke up.

Won the Battle Honours: Jutland 1916, Atlantic 1939, Narvik 1940, Norway 1940, Calabria 1940, Mediterranean 1940-43, Matapan 1941, Crete 1941, Malta Convoys 1941, Sicily 1943, Salerno 1943, Normandy 1944, Walcheren 1944, English Channel 1944 and Biscay 1944.


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