HMS Ocean (1900) BB  (4th)

This the fourth ship to carry the name HMS Ocean was a 'Canopus Class' battleship. Displacing 12,950 tons and armed with four 12-inch and twelve 6-inch guns she was laid down in February 1897 and completed in Feb-1900.

She was designed to be able to transit through the Suez Canal. From the Mediterranean Station she transferred to the China Station in 1901 before paying off in 1905 and becoming part of the Chatham Reserve. 

In 1906 she joined the China Fleet and returned to the Mediterranean in 1908. 

In 1910 she returned home and joined the Fourth Division of the Home Fleet. Two months after the outbreak of World War One she was despatched to the East Indies for the protection of the Persian Gulf convoys. 

In January 1915 she defended the Suez Canal against the Turks and then sailed to take part in operations against the Dardanelles. 

Ocean formed part of a squadron comprising HM Ships Albion, Irresistible, Majestic, Triumph and Vengeance, which from 01-Mar 1915 bombarded various forts and straits' defences. On 18-March, after standing by the disabled Irresistible, HMS Ocean struck a mine and was almost immediately struck by shellfire from the shore which crippled her. She sank that night.

Won the Battle Honours: Mesopotamia 1914, Suez Canal 1915, and Dardanelles 1915.

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