HMS Revenge (1916) BB  (12th)

This the twelfth ship to carry the name HMS Revenge, was one of five Royal Sovereign Class (1916) battleships.

Built by Vickers Armstrong of Barrow,  laid down Dec-1913, launched 29-May-1915 and completed in Mar-1916. She was originally to be named HMS Renown but was changed to Revenge 22-Oct-1913.

She joined the Grand Fleet, March 1916. Received no damage at Jutland. Remained with the Grand Fleet for the remainder of WW1.

With the Mediterranean Fleet 1919-20. Then with the Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets until 1931. Refitted in 1925 and 1931. With the Home Fleet from 1931-1939.

Took part in the King George V Silver Jubilee Fleet Review 16-Jul-1935.

With the outbreak of WW2 spent most of her time on convoy escort duties 1939-41. Took part in bombardment operations in the Channel 1940. Joined the Eastern Fleet from early 1942 to Sept-1943, following which she returned to the UK.

Reduced to a training ship May 1944.

Sold 05-Sep-1948 for breaking up at Inverkeithing.

Won the Battle Honours: Belgian Coast 1914-15, Jutland 1916, Atlantic 1939-41 and English Channel 1940.


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