HMS Ramillies (1917) BB  (5th)

This the fifth ship to carry the name HMS Ramillies was laid down in Nov-1913, launched 12-Sep-1916 and completed in Sep-1917.

She joined the Grand Fleet September-1917. From 1920-35 was with the Mediterranean Fleet except for refits. Home Fleet 1936.

Took part in the King George V Silver Jubilee Fleet Review 16-Jul-1935.

At the outbreak of WW2 was used for convoy escort duties and a short detachment to Aden. Then joined the Mediterranean Fleet mid-1940. Saw action at the Bombardment of Bardia 17-Aug-1940 and Battle of Cape Teulada 27-Nov-1940. Returned to Atlantic convoy escort work early 1941. On 8-Feb-1940 her presence with a convoy from Halifax prevented an attack by Scharnhorst and Gneisenau

During the chase of the Bismarck in May-1941 was released from a convoy to operate west of Bismarck's position and did not see any action. 

Joined the Eastern Fleet late 1941. While at anchor at Diego Suarez 30-May-1942 was torpedoed by a Japanese midget submarine and badly damaged. After repairs in Durban and the UK she rejoined the Eastern Fleet  Sept-1943. Returned to the UK Jan-1944. Formed part of the bombardment group to support the Normandy landings and was the only battleship supporting the landings in the South of France Aug-1944.

At the end of WW2 became an accommodation ship.

Sold 20-Feb-1948, and broken up at Cairnryan.

Won the Battle Honours: Spartivento 1940, Mediterranean 1940, Atlantic 1941, Diego Suarez 1942, Normandy 1944 and South France 1944.


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