HMS Sultan (1871) BB  (4th)

This the fourth HMS Sultan was a single ship Class of battleship.

Built at Chatham Dockyard, laid down Feb-1868 launched 31-may-1870 and completed Oct-1871.

She served in the Channel 1871-76, and then on to the Mediterranean until 1879. After which she went into Reserve.

She was back in the Mediterranean in 1882, and in 1889 grounded and sank  in the Comino channel off Malta. She was eventually raised and towed back to Portsmouth. Although refit and modernised from 1893-96 she retained her obsolescent muzzle-loading guns which made her useless as a fighting ship by that time. However she was retained in reserve until 1906. Renamed HMS Fisgard IV 01-Jan-1906.

Renamed again to Sultan in 1932 when she was a training hulk.

After various service as a training ship and repair ship, she served throughout WW2 as a depot ship for minesweepers at Portsmouth.

Sold 13-Aug-1946, and arrived at Dalmuir 08-Oct-1946 for breaking up, after 76 years service.  

Won the Battle Honour: Alexandria 1882.


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