HMS Lion (1912) BC  (17th)

This the seventeenth ship to carry the name HMS Lion was the name ship of a class of three battlecruisers.

Built at Devonport dockyard, laid down in Nov-1909, launched 06-Aug-1910 and completed in May-1912,

On completion Lion was Flagship of the 1st Cruiser Squadron which later became the 1st Battlecruiser Squadron. During WW1 she was Flagship of the Battlecruiser Fleet. 

Saw action at Dogger Bank where she received several hits and considerable damage to her engine rooms, and had to be towed home by HMS Indomitable. Four months repairs followed.

In action again at Jutland she received a hit on the Q turret which ignited cordite charges. If it had not been for the quick action of the officer of the turret in flooding the magazine she would almost certainly been blown up with the loss of the ship.

She remained as Flagship of the 1st Battlecruiser Squadron until 1922.

Sold 31-Jan-1924 and broken up at Jarrow and Blyth. when she was scrapped.  

Won the Battle Honours: Heligoland 1914, Dogger Bank 1915 and Jutland 1916.


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