HMS Centurion (1913) BB  (8th)

This the eighth HMS Centurion was one of four King George V Class battleships.

Built at Devonport Dockyard, laid down Jan-1911, launched 18-Nov-1911 and completed in May-1913.

She had a long and mixed career.

First she collided with and sank an Italian Merchantman early in her trials. After her trials she served with the Home Fleet from 1913-14. Then with the Grand Fleet for the entire war. In action at Jutland she sustained no damage.

After the war she went to the Mediterranean from 1919-24, including Black Sea operations. Then it was into Reserve from 1924-26.

After this she was converted into a radio controlled target ship and used for gunnery practice. 

This continued until 1941 when she was disguised to look like the new battleship HMS Anson, which was then still building. She left the UK in May 1941 and went to Bombay via the Cape. There she remained until May-1942 when she moved to Alexandria. At Alexandria, Oerlikon guns were fitted and she was used as an anti-aircraft ship, mainly at the southern end of the Suez Canal.

She returned to the UK in May-1944 and ended her days being sunk 09-Jun-1944 as a blockship forming part of the Mulberry Artificial Harbour for the Normandy landings.

Won the Battle Honours: Jutland 1916 and Normandy 1944.


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