HMS Repulse (1916) BC  (10th)

This HMS Repulse was the tenth ship to carry the name.

HMS Repulse was built at John Brown Shipyard, laid down in Jan-1915, launched 08-Jan-1916 and completed in Aug-1916.

She joined the Grand Fleet August-1916. Took part in the action against German cruisers on 17-Nov-1917 in the Heligoland Bight.

Refitted 1919-22. In 1923 took part in a world cruise, and in 1925 took the Prince of Wales on a foreign tour. Apart from which she served with the Atlantic Fleet from 1922-32. Refitted 1933-36.

Following the refit she went to the Mediterranean Fleet from 1936-38, then returned to the UK.

Served with the Home Fleet for the early part of WW2 mainly on convoy escort duties. Took part in the Norwegian campaign. On 22-May-1941 sailed in company with HMS King George V and HMS Victorious to take part in the hunt for the Bismarck.  However on 25-May while southwest of Cape Farewell was detached to proceed to Newfoundland to refuel.

Was in Cape Town in October 1941 having escorted a convoy there, when she was ordered to join HMS Prince of Wales at Ceylon and proceed to Singapore to counter the growing Japanese threat. 

On 8-Dec-1941 both ships sailed from Singapore in company with escorting destroyers to oppose reported Japanese landings on the east coast of Malaya. On 10-Dec-1941 they came under heavy attack by successive waves of Japanese bomb and torpedo armed aircraft. Both Repulse and Prince of Wales received multiple hits and eventually sank. But not before the majority of each ships company had been rescued by accompanying destroyers.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1939-40, Norway 1940, and 'Bismarck' 1941.


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