Honour - NORMANDY 1944

Date - 06 June/03 July
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45

Description The action took place in the English Channel in support of the landing of an invasion force against Nazi German forces which had occupied Western Europe. The Overall code name for the landings was 'Operation Overlord', the naval part of which was 'Operation Neptune'.

The requirement was to load and safely transport the military force which would effect an assault on the coast of Normandy across hostile beaches. Then reinforcements had to be landed without interruption in the correct sequence until the initial beachhead had been secured and sufficient forces built up to allow a breakout from the beachhead.

Initially in November 1942 at the Cairo Conference it was agreed that all naval forces for 'Neptune' would be provided by the British, Dominion and Allied Navies (excluding the United States, which would be the principal naval force in the Pacific.) However as 'Overlord grew from an assault by 2 divisions across the beaches plus 2 airborne brigades; to an assault by 5 divisions with 2 divisions as a floating reserve plus 3 air borne divisions, the US Navy agreed to provide naval forces to assist.

Convoys came mainly from the entire UK south coast round to the Bristol Channel but some came from as far away as the Clyde. All had to be escorted.

Initially, routes through German minefields had to be swept  to allow safe movement of assault convoys and areas cleared to allow troops to disembark onto landing craft. Coastal and patrol craft had to fight off any German surface craft which tried to interfere with the landings. Heavy units had to engage and neutralise coastal defences during the landings, then provide naval gunfire support as the Army required it. Anti-submarine craft had to provide barriers to the East and West to stop U-boats from arriving in the cross channel area. All had to fight off Luftwaffe attacks as they developed.

It was the largest assault landing in history.

A total of 1,213 warships were allocated to the Assault phase, plus 2,468 landing ships and craft.

By 04-July; 958,536 personnel, 183,540 vehicles and 649,568 tons of stores had been landed.


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HM Ships
Abelia  Adventure  Affleck  Ajax  Albatross 
Alberni  Albrighton  Albury  Algonquin  Apollo 
Ardrossan  Arethusa  Argonaut  Aristocrat  Armeria 
Ashanti  Aylmer  Azalea     
Bachaquero  Baddeck  Balfour  Balsam  Bangor 
Beagle  Beaumaris  Belfast  Bellona  Bentley 
Bickerton  Black Prince  Blackpool  Blackwood  Blairmore 
Blankney  Bleasdale  Blencathra  Bligh  Bluebell 
Blyth  Boadicea  Bootle  Borage  Boston 
Braithwaite  Bridlington  Bridport  Brigadier  Brissenden 
Britomart  Bulolo  Burdock  Buttercup   
Calgary  Cam  Camellia  Campanula  Campbell 
Camrose  Cape Breton  Capel  Capetown  Caraquet 
Catherine  Cato  Cattistock  Celandine  Ceres 
Charlock  Chaudiere  Chelmer  Clarkia  Clematis 
Clover  Cockatrice  Cooke  Cotswold  Cottesmore 
Cowichan  Crane       
Dacres  Dahlia  Dakins  Danae  Despatch 
Deveron  Diadem  Dianella  Dianthus  Domett 
Dominica  Dornoch  Douwe Aukes  Drumheller  Duckworth 
Duff  Duke of Wellington  Dunbar  Durban   
Eastbourne  Eglinton  Elgin  Emerald  Emperor 
Enterprise  Erebus  Eskimo  Essington   
Fame  Fancy  Faulknor  Fernie  Forester 
Fort William  Fort York  Fraserburgh  Friendship  Frobisher 
Garlies  Garth   Gatineau  Gazelle  Gentian 
Geranium  Glasgow  Gleaner  Glenearn  Glenroy 
Goatfell  Godetia  Golden Eagle  Goodson  Gore 
Gorgon  Gozo  Grecian  Grenville  Grey Fox 
Grey Goose  Grey Owl  Grey Seal  Grey Shark  Grey Wolf 
Grou  Guysborough       
Haida  Halcyon  Halsted  Hambledon  Hargood 
Harrier  Hart  Havelock  Hawkins  Heather 
Hilary   Hind  Holmes  Honeysuckle  Hotham 
Hotspur  Hound  Huron  Hussar  Hydra 
Icarus  Ilfracombe  Impulsive  Inconstant  Inglis 
Invicta  Isis       
Jason  Javelin  Jervis     
Keats  Kellett  Kelvin  Kempenfelt  Kenora 
Keppel  Kingcup  Kingsmill  Kitchener  Kite 
Lapwing  Largs  Lark  Larne  Lavender 
Lawford  Lawson  Lennox  Lightfoot  Lindsay 
Llandudno  Loch Fada  Loch Killin  Lochy  Locust 
Londonderry  Loosestrife  Louisburg  Loyalty  Lunenburg 
Lydd  Lyme Regis       
Mackay  Magpie  Malpeque  Matane  Mauritius 
Mayflower  Melbreak  Melita  Mendip  Meon 
Meynell  Middleton  Mignonette  Milltown  Mimico 
Minas  Misoa  Montrose  Moorsom  Moosejaw 
Mounsey  Mourne       
Narbrough  Narcissus  Nasturtium  Nelson  Nith 
Obedient  Offa  Onslaught  Onslow  Onyx 
Opportune  Orchis  Orestes  Oribi  Orion 
Orwell  Ottawa  Outremont  Oxlip   
Pangbourne  Parrsboro  Pelican  Pelorus  Pennywort 
Persian  Petunia  Pickle  Pincher  Pink 
Pique  Plover  Plucky  Poole  Poppy 
Port Arthur  Port Colborne  Postillion  Potentilla  Prescott 
Primrose  Prince Baudouin  Prince Charles  Prince David  Prince Leopold 
Prins Albert  Prinses Astrid  Prinses Josephine Charlotte  Pursuer  Pytchley 
Qu'Appelle  Qualicum  Queen Emma  Quorn   
Ramillies  Rattlesnake  Ready  Recruit  Redpole 
Regina  Restigouche  Retalick  Rhododendron  Rifleman 
Rimouski  Riou  Roberts  Rochester  Rodney 
Romney  Ross  Rowley  Royal Ulsterman  Rupert 
Ryde  Rye       
St. Helier  St. John  St. Laurent  Salamander  Saltash 
Sandown  Saskatchewan  Saumarez  Savage  Scarborough 
Scawfell  Scorpion  Scott  Scourge  Scylla 
Seagull  Seaham  Selkirk  Serapis  Seymour 
Shippigan  Sidmouth  Sioux  Sirius  Skeene 
Southdown  Southern Prince   Speedwell  Spragge  Starling 
Starwort  Statice  Stayner  Steadfast  Stevenstone 
Stockham  Stork  Stormont  Strule  Summerside 
Sunflower  Sutton  Swansea  Sweetbriar  Swift 
Tadoussac  Talybont  Tanatside  Tartar  Tasajera 
Tavy  Teme  Tenby  Thames Queen  Thornborough 
Torrington  Tracker  Trentonian  Trollope  Tyler 
Ulster Ulster Monarch  Ulysses  Undaunted  Undine 
Urania  Urchin  Ursa     
Vanquisher  Vegreville  Venus  Versatile  Verulam 
Vervain  Vesper  Vestal  Vidette  Vigilant 
Vimy  Virago  Vivacious  Volunteer   
Waldegrave  Walker  Wallflower  Walpole  Wanderer 
Warspite  Wasaga  Waskesiu  Watchman  Waveney 
Wedgeport  Wensleydale  Westcott  Whimbrel  Whippingham 
Whitaker  Whitehall  Whitehaven  Whitshed  Wild Goose 
Windsor  Woodstock  Worthing  Wren  Wrestler 
X20  X23       
FAA Squadrons
700 800 804 808 816
819 838 846 848 849
850 854 855 881 885
886 896 897    
Minor Vessels and Auxiliaries
Astral  Franklin  Gulnare     
A/S Trawlers         
Annet  Asie  Bern  Bombardier  Bressay 
Caldy  Cambridgeshire  Coll  Cornelian  Damsay 
Ellesmere  Fiaray  Flint  Foulness  Fusilier 
Gairsay  Ganilly  Gateshead  Grassholm  Grenadier 
Grimsby Town Gweal  Herschell  Hugh Walpole  Kingston Andalusite 
Kingston Chrysoberyl  La Nantasie  Lancer  Lincolnshire  Lindisfarne 
Lord Austin  Lord Essenden  Lord Middleton  Lord Stanhope  Lord Wakefield 
Neave   Northern Foam  Northern Gem  Northern Gift  Northern Pride 
Northern Reward  Northern Sky  Northern Spray  Northern Sun  Northern Wave 
Notre Dame de France  Olivina  Pearl  Quadrille  Ruby 
Sapper  Scalpay  Skomer  Skye  Steepholm 
Switha  Texada  Ulva  Veleta  Victrix 
LL Trawlers         
Conway Castle   Courtier  Georgette  Northcoates  Perdrant 
Probe  Proctor  Proof  Prowess  Sir Agravaine 
Sir Gareth  Sir Geraint  Sir Kaye  Sir Lamorak   Sir Tristram 
Alexander Scott  Bayfield  Blyth  Bryher  Calvay 
Canso  Chamois  Chance  Colsay  Commander Evans 
Craftsman  Dalmatia  Doon  Dorothy Lambert  Fairway 
Farne  Fuday  Georgian  Gilsay  Green Howard 
Gunner  Hanna Ray  Hornbeam  Ijuin  James Lay 
Jude  Kings Grey  Lord Ashfield  Lord Melchett  Mulgrave 
Neil Smith  Niblick  Peterhead  Righto  St. Barbe 
Sigma  Sir Galahad  Sir Lancelot  Stella Leonis  Stella Rigel 
Sylvana  Thunder       
Adelphi  All Hallows  Ambition  Andanes  Ann Melville 
Arabesque  Atalanta  Avondee  Barbain  Barberry 
Barcock  Barcombe  Barlow  Barnes Ness  Barnwell 
Barova  Barrage  Barthorpe  Bartizan  Ben Glas 
Benjamin Coleman  Bervie Braes  Bona  Braes O'Mar  Brittany 
Bucephalus  Caverock  Cherwell  Choice  Cloughstone 
Controller  Coronatia  Coryphene  Crevette  Dandolo 
Dragonet  East Coast  Eridanes  Eroican  Etruscan 
Fernmoor  Fossbeck  Fratton  General Birdwood  Haslemere 
Heroine  Ibis II  Isobel  Jacqueline Clasine  Kernevel 
Laverock  Leonian  Lephreto  Marie Jose Rosette  Martinet 
Mikasa  Minster  Mirabelle  Muroto  North Lynn 
Peggy Nutten  Pitstruan  Plantagenet  Prince Victor  Queen of Kent 
Queen of Thanet  Riano  Rigoletto  Ringwood  River Lenn 
River Spey  Roxano  St. Minver  Salvini  Scomber 
Settsu  Shielburn  Sonnet  Southward Ho  Staunch 
Strathalladale  Strathfina  Strathmartin  Sturton  Taupo 
The Way  Tocsin  Ugiebank  Viking Deeps  War Star 
William Stroud  Witham       
Algerian  Bustler  Cedar  Coronia  Danube V 
Grampian  Holdfast  Latimer  Lilac  Marauder 
Persephone  Sancroft       
Centurion  Durban       
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50th (5)  51st (4)  103rd (8)  150th (9)  151st (9) 
Unattached (2)         
101st (10)  102nd (10)  104th (10)  115th (10)  132nd (10) 
143rd (10)  205th (11)       
150th (10)  159th (10)  165th (10)  167th (10)   
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