HMS Javelin (1939) DD  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Javelin was a J Class, destroyer.

Built by John Brown on the Clyde, laid down 11-Oct-1937, launched 21-Dec-1938, and commissioned 10-Jun-1939.

On commissioning formed the 7th Destroyer Flotilla based on the Humber.

At the start of WW2 was renumbered the 5th Flotilla.

Took part in the Norwegian campaign, then moved to Plymouth for Channel patrols.

In Nov-1940 while in action against 3 German destroyers was torpedoed twice, but survived. However was so badly damaged that repairs took more than a year.

After she went to the Mediterranean, where she remained until 1944.

Then as part of the 10th Flotilla it was back to the Channel for Normandy operations. There on 8-9-Jun-1944 saw action against the German 8th Destroyer Flotilla off Brittany.

Sold 11-Jun-1949 and broken up at Troon.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1940, Norway 1940, Dunkirk 1940, Diego Suarez 1942, Mediterranean 1942-43, Arctic 1942, English Channel 1944 and Normandy 1944.


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