HMS Eskimo (1938) DD  (1st)

This the first ship to carry the name HMS Eskimo was a Tribal Class, destroyer.

Built by Vickers Armstrong on the Tyne, laid down 05-Aug-1936, launched 03-Sep-1937, commissioned 30-Dec-1938.

Took part in the Norwegian Campaign including the 2nd battle of Narvik on 13-Apr-1940 where her bow was blown off by a torpedo from the German ship Georg Thiele.

After repairs, spent most of 1941/41 in the Arctic with the 6th Destroyer Flotilla. But with the occasional deployment o the Mediterranean for important Malta convoys. Including operation Pedestal in Aug-1942.

By Sept-1942 Eskimo was one of only four surviving tribal destroyers from the 16 built.

Then it was back to the arctic and escort duty for convoys PQ18 and QP14.

1943 saw her with operation Avalanche and the landings at Salerno.

By mid-1944 it was back in home waters with the 10th Flotilla, and action before, during and after the Normandy landings.

Then it was out to the Indian Ocean and action against light Japanese forces off the coast of Malaya, until war ended.

Sold 27-Jun-1949 and broken up at Troon.

Won the Battle Honours: Narvik 1940, Norway 1940-41, Malta Convoys 1942, Arctic 1942, North Africa 1942-43, Sicily 1943, Normandy 1944, English Channel 1944, Burma 1944-45 and East Indies 1945.


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