HMS Stork (1936) SL  (7th)

This the seventh ship to carry the name HMS Stork was a Bittern Class (1935), escort sloop.

Built by Denny, laid down 19-Jun-1935, launched 21-Apr-1936 and commissioned 10-Sep-1936.

Completed as an unarmed Survey Vessel and went to Malayan waters until 24-Jan-1939, when she returned to the UK. On arrival refitted at Devonport with her Anti-aircraft armament which was completed Sep-1939.

Joined the Rosyth Escort Group and escorted East Coast convoys. Apr-1940 joined the Norwegian campaign, and on return to the East coast was bombed 08-Sep-1940. Repairs at Grangemouth took until 18-May-1941. Then to the Irish Sea Escort Force, until Aug-1941.

Then served with the 36th Escort Group escorting convoys to Free town and Gibraltar. From 20-Nov to 14-Dec had defects repaired at Gibraltar. After which she sailed with convoy HG76, during which she assisted with the sinking of U-131 on 17-Dec, U-574 on 19-Dec. Then on 22-Dec was rammed and damaged by HMS Deptford. Repairs at Devonport took until 20-Feb-1942 when she returned to the 32nd Escort group and convoy escort to Gibraltar. Assisted in sinking U-252 on 14-Apr-1942.

Served as convoy escort during Operation Torch the invasion of North Africa. Torpedoed by U-77 12-Nov-1942 and towed to Gibraltar for temporary repairs which took until 11-Jan-1943. Towed again to the UK arriving at Falmouth where repairs continued until mid-1943.

Joined the 37th Escort Group and once more served as convoy escort on the Freetown route. Sank U-634 on 30-Aug-1943. Remained on the Freetown route until Nov-1943 when she joined the 50th Escort Group in the Mediterranean.

Returned to the UK for refit at Falmouth from Feb to May-1944. Then supported the Normandy invasion.  After this it was back to the Mediterranean and the 37th Escort Group in late jul-1944 and remained there until the end of 1944.

Then it was back to Portsmouth for refit until Mar-1945. Work up took until May-1945 when the European war ended. Returned to Newport for necessary changes to prepare her for service with the Pacific Fleet. These were completed just as WW2 ended.

Paid off into reserve at Portsmouth 17-Sep-1945.Re-commissioned 11-Jan-1946 as Senior Officer ship of the Fisheries Protection Squadron which continued until early 1948, when she was paid off into Reserve. 

Broken up at Troon 03-Jun-1958.

Won the Battle Honours: Norway 1940, North Sea 1940, Atlantic 1940-44, North Africa 1942 and Normandy 1944.


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