HMS Scylla (1942) CC  (4th)

This the fourth ship to carry the name HMS Scylla  was an anti-aircraft, light cruiser.

Built by Scotts of Greenock, laid down 19-Apr-1939, launched 24-Jul-1940, and commissioned 12-Jun-1942.

On completion served with the Home Fleet on Arctic convoy duties. Then 28-Oct-1942 went to Gibraltar.

Nov-1942 took part in the Torch landings in North Africa as part of Force O with the Eastern Task Force.

In Dc-1942 went to the Bay of Biscay to operate against blockade runners and intercepted the German ship Rhakotis, north-west of Cape Finisterre on 01-Jan-1943.

Returned to the Home Fleet Feb-1943 for Arctic convoy duty, returning to the Bay of Biscay area in Jun-1943.

Then it was to the Mediterranean to Support the Salerno landings.

Returned to home waters Oct-1943 to Apr-1944 to refit as an escort carrier flagship.

Took part in the Normandy landings as Flagship Eastern Task Force.

On 23-Jun-1944 struck a mine and was declared a Constructional Total Loss.

Towed to Portsmouth disposed of 1950.

Used for ship target trials 1948/50.

Sold 12-Apr-1950 and arrived at Ward of Barrow 04-May-1950 for breaking up.

Won the Battle Honour: North Africa 1942, Arctic 1942-43, Salerno 1943, Atlantic 1943, Biscay 1943, Normandy 1944.


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