HMS Jervis (1939) DD  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Jervis was the J Class, destroyer leader. As destroyer leader she had slightly reduced armament to allow the increased complement and working space needed to control a flotilla.

Built by Hawthorne Leslie, laid down 26-Aug-1937, launched 09-Sep-1938, and commissioned 05-Aug-1939.

On commissioning joined the 7th Destroyer Flotilla based on the Humber. Which at the start of WW2 was renumbered the 5th Flotilla.

Took part in the Norwegian campaign. Then went to Plymouth for patrols in the English Channel.

Jun-1940 went to the Mediterranean.

With HMS Jackal, Kipling and Lively, 11-May-1942 while in action against Axis convoy routes on the North African coast, the other three ships were bombed and sunk, only Jervis escaped.

1944 was damaged by German glider bomb. Then to to home waters and operations for the Normandy landings.

Decommissioned May-1946.

Sold 03-Jan-1949 for breaking up.

Won the Battle Honours: Libya 1940-42, Mediterranean 1940-44, Matapan 1941, Sfax 1941, Crete 1941, Malta Convoys 1941-42, Sirte 1942, Sicily 1943, Salerno 1943, Aegean 1943, Anzio 1944, Adriatic 1944, and Normandy 1944.


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