HMS Isis (1937) DD  (5th)

This the fifth ship to carry the name HMS Isis was an I Class, destroyer.

Built by Yarrow, laid down 06-Feb-1936, launched 12-Nov-1936, and commissioned 02-Jun-1937.

Was in the Mediterranean when WW2 started and immediately ordered home. Early Dec-1939 joined the forming 20th Destroyer Flotilla for minelaying duty.

Took part in the Norwegian campaign.

Then may-1940 it was to the Mediterranean. Assisted with the evacuations of Greece and Crete.

May-1941 while off the coast of Syria in company with Ilex, was bombed and badly damaged.

Sent to Singapore for repairs, which were still incomplete in Dec-1941. Towed to java, then Colombo, and finally Bombay for repairs to be continued.

Early 1943 was back in service and in the Mediterranean where she sank U-562.

1944 saw her in home waters and took part in Normandy operations.

Sunk by the midget submarine Neger Jul-1944.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1939-43, Norway 1940, Greece 1941, Crete 1941, Mediterranean 1941-43, Sicily 1943 and Normandy 1944.


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