HMS Pelican (1939) SL  (16th)

This the sixteenth ship to carry the name HMS Pelican was an Egret Class, escort vessel.

Built by Thorneycroft, laid down 07-Sep-1937, launched 12-Sep-1938 and completed 02-Mar-1939.

During construction, Pelican was subject to a number of changes. She was first intended for service as a survey vessel, then an escort vessel in the Red Sea, then a survey vessel on the China Station, and finally a fully armed escort.

On commissioning she spent first served on the UK west coast and Iceland. Then when WW2 started joined the Rosyth Escort Force, escorting convoys on the East Coast. Then she joined the Norwegian Campaign, being bombed 22-Apr-1940, and repairs at Chatham took until Dec-1940. Shortly after returning to service she was mined 19-Feb-1941 and repairs at London took until Dec-1941.

On Jan-1942 joined 45 Escort Group on the Freetown convoy route and remained on this duty until Oct-1942. Assisted in sinking U-136 on 11-Jul-1942. Joined Operation Torch the invasion of North Africa, then went for refit at Belfast Dec-1942.

From Feb-1943 to operated in the Support Group role in the Atlantic, sinking U-438 on 06-May-1943 and U-334 on 14-Jun-1943.

Returned to normal convoy escort work Jul-1943 to North Africa until Dec-1943. Refit at Milford Haven took until Feb-1944 after which she served on anti-submarine patrols in the Bay of Biscay. During this she sank u-448 on 14-Apr-1944.

Anti-submarine duty for the Normandy invasion took until Jul-1944 after which she went for refit on the Clyde until mid-Sep-1944.

On completion she went to Bombay to join the Eastern Fleet, reaching there on 05-Oct-1944. Unfortunately during transit she grounded at Aden on 02-Sep-1944. Repairs took place at Bombay,  Taranto and Malta and took until 12-Sep-1945.

On completion she joined the Mediterranean Fleet. Remaining there until Jun-1951 when she returned to the UK and was paid off into Reserve.

She re-commissioned Aug-1954 for service in the South Atlantic, until 13-Feb-1957 when she returned to the UK to be paid off.

Arrived at Preston 29-Nov-1958 for breaking up.

Won the Battle Honours: Norway 1940, Atlantic 1942-44, North Africa 1942, Normandy 1944 and English Channel 1944.


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