HMS Black Prince (1943) CC  (5th)

This the fifth ship to carry the name HMS Black Prince was an anti-aircraft, light cruiser.

Built by Harland & Wolff of Belfast, laid down 01-Dec-1939, launched 27-Sep-1942, and commissioned 20-Nov-1943.

On completion served with the Home Fleet on Arctic convoy escort. Then in early 1944 was used on offensive sweeps against German coastal convoys during the preparation for the Normandy landings.

During the Normandy landings was part of Force A in support of Utah Beach.

Then Aug-1944 moved to the Mediterranean to support the landings in the South of France. After this moved to the Aegean where she stayed until Oct-1944.

Joined the East Indies Fleet Nov-1944 covering carrier raids against Sumatra and Malaya.

On 16-Jan-1945 joined the British Pacific Fleet and took part in operations off Okinawa. Ending the war with shore bombardments of the Japanese mainland.

When war ended assisted with the re-occupation of Hong Kong, in Sep-1945. Remaining in the Far East after the war and was loaned to the Royal New Zealand Navy 1946.

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

Returned to Royal Navy control 01-Apr-1961.

Sold for scrapping Mar-1962 and left Auckland 05-Apr-1962 for breaking up at Osaka.

Won the Battle Honours: Normandy 1944, South France 1944, Arctic 1944, English Channel 1944, Aegean 1944, Okinawa 1945.


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