HMS Hawkins (1919) CC  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Hawkins was the name ship of a class of four light cruisers.

Built at Chatham Dockyard, laid down 03-Jun-1916, launched 01-Oct-1917, and completed 23-Jul-1919.

On completion went to the China Station as Flagship 5th Light Cruiser Squadron and remained there until 12-Nov-1928, when she returned to the UK for refit.

After being refitted she joined the 2nd Cruiser Squadron on 3-Dec-1929, with the Atlantic Fleet. Went into reserve on 05-May-1930.

Sep-1932 went to the East Indies as Flagship 4th Cruiser Squadron. Then returned to the UK Apr-1935 and went again into reserve.

Took part in the King George V Silver Jubilee Fleet Review 16-Jul-1935.

Served as a cadet training ship from Sep-1938.

With the start of WW2 moved to the South American Division Jan-1940, then on to the Indian Ocean 1941. Where she took part in the raid on Mogadishu, by Force K in Feb-1941.

Captured the Italian merchantman Adria off Kismayu on 12-Feb-1941.

Returned to the UK in Dec-1941 for refit which lasted until May-1942.

Then she went to the Eastern Fleet and remained there until returning to home waters in 1944.

In Jun-1944 formed part of the bombardment force for Utah Beach during the Normandy landings. After this she reverted to a training ship, and went into reserve in 1945.

Used for target trials in 1947 and was bombed by Lincoln bombers off Spithead in May-1947.

Sold for scrapping 26-Aug-1947 and arrived at Dalmuir Dec-1947 for breaking up.

Won the Battle Honour: Normandy 1944.


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