HMS Kite (1943) SL  (7th)

This the seventh ship to carry the name HMS Kite was a Modified Black Swan Class (1942) escort vessel (sloop).

Built by Laird, laid down 25-Sep-1941, launched 13-Oct-1942 and completed 01-Mar-1943.

On completion joined a support group in the Atlantic from Apr/Jun-1943.

Then moved to the Bay of Biscay for offensive patrolling. Sank U-449 24-Jun-1943, and U-504 30-Jul-1943. After a further patrol went to the Central Atlantic where she sank U-226 06-Nov-1943.

Refitted at Liverpool Dec-1943 to Jan-1944. After returning service sank U-238 on 09-Feb-1944 which was her last success of the war.

Collided with the freighter Annaghmore 30-Mar-1944 and repairs took until 11-May-1944. Operations with the Normandy landings followed until Aug-1944.

Then it was a change of work when she escorted a Russian convoy JW59 which sailed 15-Aug-1944. Was attacked by U-344 on 21-Aug-1944 and hit by two torpedoes amidships. She sank immediately and only nine survived the arctic waters.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1943-44, Biscay 1943, Normandy 1944 and Arctic 1944.


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