HMS Bellona (1943) CC  (8th)

This the eighth ship to carry the name HMS Bellona was an anti-aircraft, light cruiser, the lead ship of a class of five ships.

Built by Fairfield of Govan, laid down 30-Nov-1939, launched 29-Sep-1942, and commissioned 29-Oct-1943.

On completion served in the English Channel, then formed part of the reserve force for the Normandy landings, Jun-1944.

Jul-1944 covered carrier raids against the Tirpitz in northern Norway, then returned the the Channel and Bay of Biscay.

After this returned to northern waters and spent the remainder of the war on Arctic convoy escort and carrier and cruiser sweeps along the Norwegian coast.

Went to Copenhagen May-1945 at the German surrender.

After WW2 joined the 10th Cruiser Squadron until 1946 when she was loaned to the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Returned to Royal Navy control 1956.

Arrived at Briton Ferry 05-Feb-1958 for breaking up.

Won the Battle Honours: Normandy 1944, Biscay 1944, Norway 1944-45 and Arctic 1944-45.


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