HM Queen Victoria
1856 Baltic Campaign Fleet
Royal Review of the Fleet- 23-April-1856

Description To celebrate the end of the Crimea War, Her Majesty Queen Victoria held at Spithead a Royal Review of the Fleet being prepared for the 1856 Baltic Campaign against Russia.

After the fall of Sevastopol on 08-Sep-1855, France became less interested in continuing the Crimean War. 

Therefore Britain decided to increase the pressure on Russia by conducting a campaign in the Baltic in 1856.

The campaign force was to comprise the Fleet used in the Baltic in 1855 with the addition of  numerous newly commissioned floating batteries, gun and mortar vessels. The objective being to enforce a blockade of the Baltic, reduce the Russian island fortress of Kronstadt and allow an assault on the Russian capital, St. Petersburg.

This pressured the Russians to the negotiating table. The Treaty of Paris which ended the war was signed on 30-Mar-1856 and ratified four days later.

The review included all ships intended to be used during the campaign, including some newly launched ships.


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