HM Queen Elizabeth II
Royal Review of the Fleet 15-June-1953 

Description Following the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday 02-June, HM Ships began to assemble at Spithead on 08-June for the Coronation Review of the Fleet at Spithead.

Foreign warships began to join the assembly on 10-June, with the entire assembly complete by Friday 12-June.

The Review began on Monday 15-June at 0800hrs when her Majesty received the Board of Admiralty and selected Senior Officers on board the Royal Yacht HMS Surprise. Following the arrival of members of the Royal Family at Portsmouth in the afternoon and their embarkation in HMS Surprise the review vessels left South Railway Jetty for Spithead at 1500hrs. With Surprise entering the Review lines at 1530hrs.

Having passed through the Fleet, Surprise anchored at the end of E line shortly after 1700hrs.

At 1735hrs a Fly Past of Naval Aircraft took place, after which some members of the Royal Family left to return to London.

At 2230hrs an Illumination of the Fleet began and at 2240hrs a fireworks display began.

The Fleet Illumination ended at 12 midnight.

The following morning a final Royal Salute was fired by the Fleet, with Her Majesty disembarking from HMS Surprise at 0920hrs to return to London by train.

When the Royal Standard was struck in HMS Surprise a Royal Salute was fired by the Naval Saluting Battery and the Fleet began to disperse.

In addition to the warships listed below, 16 Foreign Navies were represented. About 49 merchant and other vessels also took part.


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