HMS Eagle (1952) CV  (17th)

This HMS Eagle was launched on 19-Mar-1946, and commissioned on 01-Mar-1952.  

She was the first of two Audacious Class (1952) Fleet Carriers.

Her initial duties were the usual for the time of trials, workups, and showing the flag exercises.

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

Her first action was at Suez in Nov-1956, when in company with Albion, Bulwark and the French Arromanches (ex-Colossus), and Lafayette, she supported the landings to keep the Suez Canal open.

She underwent a major refit from 1959-63, to allow her to continue to operate the newer and heavier naval aircraft that were being developed.

Another refit concluded in 1967, to allow her to fly the latest aircraft. 

Unfortunately the 1966 Defence review was time of major cutbacks in defence spending. So the writing was on the wall.

Paid off 1972.


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