HMS Theseus (1946) CVL  (3rd)

This he third ship to carry the name HMS Theseus was ninth of the ten ships of the Colossus Class (1944) Light Fleet Carriers to be completed.

She was completed 09-Feb-1946.

Her first service was to be sent to the Far East until 1948, after which she returned to the Home Fleet from 1948 to 1950. Then it was back to the Far East Oct-1950 to relieve her sister ship HMS Triumph, which had been in action from the start of the Korean War. Theseus was relieved by her sister ship HMS Glory in Apr-1951 and returned to the UK and duties with the Home Fleet.

She went to the Mediterranean twice to allow her sister ships HMS Glory and HMS Ocean to go to the Pacific and tours of active duty during the Korean War. 

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

In 1954 Theseus joined the Home Fleet Training Squadron and remained there until 1956.

At the end of 1956 she went into Reserve.

Scrapped 1962.

Won the Battle Honour: Korea 1950-51.


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