HMS Indefatigable (1944) CV  (6th)

This the sixth HMS Indefatigable was laid down on 03-Nov-1939 as the last of six Illustrious Class (1940) carriers. 

She was laid down on 03-Nov-1939, launched on 08-Dec-1942 and completed on 03-May-1944. The delay in completion was because a directive in 1940 required that all shipyards concentrate on the construction of convoy escorts. Two of the ships affected were, Implacable and Indefatigable.

So, when Indefatigable was completed it was with one of her two hangars reduced in size compared to the original design to accommodate an increase in aircrew. The so called 'Hangar and a half' carrier. The Implacable Class (1944) CV.

Her first duties were 2 months with Western Approaches Command, then with the Home Fleet. Summer and Autumn of 1944 were spent in Norwegian waters.

Then in Nov-1944 she left Portsmouth to join the British Pacific Fleet, where she took part in various attacks on Japanese held areas.

After VJ day she spent time repatriating POW's to Australia. Returning to home waters in Dec 1946, when she went into Reserve.

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

Following refit she became a Training Squadron carrier from 1950-54, then once more into Reserve, until Nov-1956 at the Gareloch.

Scrapped Nov-1956 and broken up at Dalmuir.

Won the Battle Honours: East Indies 1945, Palembang 1945, Okinawa 1945 and Japan 1945.


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