HMS Implacable (1944) CV  (3rd)

This the third HMS Implacable was laid down as the fifth of six Illustrious Class (1940) carriers, and built by Fairfield. 

Her completion was delayed because a directive in 1940 required that all shipyards concentrate on the construction of convoy escorts. Two of the ships affected were, Implacable and Indefatigable.

On completion they were too late to have much influence on WW2 but they still made it into action.

By May-1945 she was in action with the British Pacific Fleet, carrying an air group comprising 21 Avenger, 48 Seafire and 12 Firefly aircraft. 

Initial action was at Truk. Then Okinawa when she encountered Japanese kamikaze attacks. When her armoured construction made her especially valuable, and able to absorb kamikaze hits with substantially less damage than an unarmoured carrier would have received.

By July she prepared for action against the Japanese mainland. On 11-Aug-1945 she was withdrawn from immediate action and so her war ended then.

On 08-Jun-1948 the first landing by a twin jet aircraft was made on Implacable.

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

The introduction of heavier and faster jet aircraft made her increasingly obsolete and she was paid off 1955.

Won the Battle Honours: Norway 1944 and Japan 1945.


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