HMS Perseus (1945) CVL  (6th)

This the sixth ship to carry the name HMS Perseus was designed as a Light Fleet Carrier, but was completed on Oct-1945 as one of two Aircraft Maintenance Carriers in the Colossus Class. The other being her sister ship HMS Pioneer

Built by Vickers Armstrong on the Tyne, launched 26-Mar-1944 as HMS Edgar, and renamed Perseus Jun-1944. 630ft long, 80ft wide and displacing 13,350 tons.

The concept of an aircraft maintenance carrier had been trialled by HMS Unicorn. It was to provide a hull that supported the front line carriers, by ferrying aircraft to them. They also completed heavy maintenance and repairs on aircraft, so freeing up valuable hangar space for operational aircraft.

The concept was fully proved during the Korean War. However with the rundown of aircraft carriers after WW2 Perseus had a short life.

One vital duty she performed was from 1950-52 when she was used for Steam Catapult trials. When the trials were successful the catapults were fitted to all carriers world wide, which fly heavy fixed wing aircraft. (The only exceptions being those ships which fly the Sea Harrier, AV8, Harrier and Soviet Forger  aircraft.)

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

Scrapped 1958. Arriving 06-May-1958 at Port Glasgow for breaking up.


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