HMS Indomitable (1941) CV  (2nd)

This the second HMS Indomitable was the third of four Illustrious Class (1940) armoured fleet aircraft carriers. 

She was launched in Aug-1941 and completed 10-Aug-1941.

Early service was in the Indian Ocean at Madagascar where in Mar-1942 she operated against Vichy French forces. May-1942 saw her continue to operate in the Indian Ocean with HMS Illustrious protecting the convoy routes around the Cape of Good Hope to the Middle East, India, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). At this time her aircraft group comprised 45 aircraft. 

By Aug-1942 she was in the Mediterranean forming part of the forces escorting Operation Pedestal a major re-supply convoy to Malta. Where on 12-Aug-42 she was badly damaged by German aircraft and had to be withdrawn to Liverpool for repairs. With her place being taken by HMS Illustrious

After repairs she served with the Home Fleet. 

By Jun-1944 she was with the Eastern Fleet and in concert with HMS Illustrious and HMS Victorious their aircraft carried out strikes against Japanese held Sabang.

In Nov-1944 the British Pacific Fleet was formed with Indomitable  one of its carriers.

Apr-1945 she was attacked by Kamikaze aircraft and again on 4-May-1945 when she was hit. However because of her armoured protection she was able to be back in operation a few hours later although at a reduced level off effectiveness. By this time she had been reduced to only 15 operational aircraft and had to withdraw to restock. When the war ended she was at Sydney.

After VJ-Day she assisted with the re-occupation of Hong Kong and nearby mainland ports in company with the other carriers, Colossus  Vengeance, and Venerable.

The following months were spent ferrying medical teams and food around to where they were needed to alleviate the suffering of those released from Japanese occupation.

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

Arrived at Faslane for breaking up 30-Sep-1955.

Won the Battle Honours: Malta Convoys 1942, Diego Suarez 1942, Sicily 1943, East Indies 1944-45, Palembang 1945 and Okinawa 1945.


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