HMS Mermaid (1944) SL  (13th)

This the thirteenth ship to carry the name HMS Mermaid was a Modified Black Swan (1942), escort vessel (sloop).

Built by Denny, laid down 08-Sep-1942, launched 11-Nov-1943, and commissioned 12-May-1944.

On completion suffered a number of teething troubles and did not undertake her first convoy escort work until Aug-1944 which was a Russian convoy. However, sank U-354 on 24-Aug-1944 and U-394 on 02-Sep-1944.

Then it was support work around the north and west of Scotland until Nov-1944.

Refitted at Leith until Mar-1945, and began escort work based at Liverpool until the war in Europe ended May-1945.

Refitted at Portsmouth from May to Jul-1945 to alter her fitness from that of Arctic to tropical service as she was to be sent to join the Pacific Fleet.

Aug-1945 began escorting a floating dock from Malta to the Indian Ocean but war ended by the time she reached Aden and escort duty was no longer needed.

Returned to join the Mediterranean Fleet where she remained until 1954.

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

returned to the UK late 1954 and went into reserve at Portsmouth.

Sold to the West German Navy Nov-1957 and after refit, was recommissioned 05-May-1959 and renamed Scharnhorst.

Hulked from 1974 to 1989 for damage control training.

Towed to Zeebrugge 24-Apr-1990 for breaking up.

Won the Battle Honour: Arctic 1944.


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