HM King George V
Silver Jubilee
Royal Review of the Fleet - 16-July-1935

Description To celebrate the Silver Jubilee of His Majesty King George V, a Royal Review of the Fleet was held at Spithead.

The following ships began to assemble on Friday 12-July; Mediterranean Fleet, Home Fleet, Fishery Protection Flotilla, 1st Minesweeping Flotilla, Rear Admiral Submarine command in Titania and 5th and 6th Submarine Flotillas.

On Monday 15-July the Reserve Fleet assembled, The Board of Admiralty embarked in HMS Enchantress and the King embarked in the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert.

On the late morning of Tuesday 16th several special trains arrived at Portsmouth with Admiralty staff and Government Guests.

The review area was to be cleared by 1300hrs and at 1400hrs the Victoria and Albert left the South Railway Jetty escorted by HMS Enchantress and the Trinity house vessel Patricia, then on her approach to the Fleet a Salute was fired.

At 1425hrs the Victoria and Albert, Enchantress and Patricia moored at the head of the E F and D lines. Following this His majesty received on board, the Board of Admiralty and Flag officers.

The reviewing ships and escort began the review at 1600hrs and was completed by 1730hrs when they returned to their previous moorings. This was followed by a fly past by Fleet Air Arm aircraft.

At 1800hrs the review area was re-opened.

At 2130hrs the review area was again cleared and at 2200hrs an Illumination of the Fleet began and ended at midnight.

On Wednesday 17-July at 0800hrs the Victoria and Albert led the Fleet to sea for exercises. Returning to the South Railway Jetty at 1440hrs.

Following the disembarkation of His Majesty a salute was fired by the Naval Saluting Battery. Ships of the Mediterranean Fleet set sail for Gibraltar and the Reserve Fleet proceeded to their home ports.

On Thursday 18-July the Reserve Fleet ships demobilised and Home Fleet ships dispersed to their home ports.


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