HMS Codrington (1930) DD  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Codrington was the destroyer leader for the 1927 programme of destroyers the A Class (1930) DD

The RN destroyer flotilla organisation at the time called for a group of destroyers to be designed, ordered and built as a single group of eight ships. That group on completion to form a single destroyer flotilla. Which would have one destroyer leader, whose Captain (D) would command the flotilla.

The destroyer leader had slightly reduced armament to allow the increased complement and working space needed to control the flotilla, in a ship which had the same performance as the ships under its command.

Built by Swan Hunter, laid down 20-Jun-1928, launched 07-Aug-1929 and commissioned May-1930.

On completion, her flotilla was the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla, which went to the Mediterranean.

Took part in the King George V Silver Jubilee Fleet Review 16-Jul-1935.

At the start of WW2 was in home waters.

April-1940 took part in Norwegian Campaign operations with the Home Fleet and troop convoy escort.

10-May 1940 left Scapa Flow for the English Channel, where 12-May-1940 evacuated the Crown Princess of the Netherlands from Ijmuiden.

As leader of the 1st Destroyer Flotilla conducted off-shore patrols during the Dunkirk evacuations.

09-Jun-1940 helped with troop evacuations from Le Havre.

27-July-1940 was bombed and sunk in Dover Harbour.

Won the Battle Honours: Norway 1940 and Dunkirk 1940.


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