HMS Echo (1934) DD  (10th)

This the tenth ship to carry the name HMS Echo was an E Class, destroyer.

Built by Denny, laid down 20-Mar-1933, launched 16-Feb-1934, and commissioned 25-Oct-1934.

On Completion formed the 5th Destroyer Flotilla with her sister ships.

Took part in the King George V Silver Jubilee Fleet Review 16-Jul-1935.

Went to the West Indies early 1935, then to the Mediterranean 1936-36 during the Abyssinian crisis. Returned to the Home Fleet, and formed part of the non-intervention patrol off the Biscay Coast during the Spanish Civil War.

At the start of WW2 served in Home and Arctic waters until 1942, but also took part in the attack on Dakar Aug-1940.

Took part in the hunt for the Bismarck after which she under went a three month refit. Then to the Mediterranean April 1942 as escort for the USS Wasp to fly off reinforcement aircraft to Malta. Remained in the Mediterranean as escort to HMS Eagle for a similar flying off reinforcement.

Returned to the UK Jun-1942 and convoy escort work between the UK and Iceland. Escorted Russian convoys Nov-1942 to Feb-1943 when it was time for another refit.

Moved to the Mediterranean with the 8th Flotilla. Took part in the Sicily Landings 10-Jul-1943. With HMS Ilex sank the Italian submarine Nereide in the Straits of Messina. Took part in the Salerno landings then moved to the Aegean Sea.

After refit at Malta loaned to the Greek Navy 05-Apr-1944 to Apr-1956 and renamed Navarinon. Represented the Royal Hellenic Navy at the Spithead Coronation Review 1953.

Broken up Apr-1956 at Dunston.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1939, Norway 1940, 'Bismarck' 1941, Arctic 1941-43, Malta Convoys 1942, Sicily 1943, Salerno 1943, and Aegean 1943.


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