Honour - Salerno 1943

Date - 09-Sep / 06-Oct
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45

Description An amphibious assault was landed at Salerno, Italy with the aim of taking Naples. It was one of a series of assaults intended to outflank German defensive lines, as the Allies fought their way north through Italy.

For the first four days after the initial waves landed, naval gunfire support and carrier bases aircraft contributed to the success of the landing. The Germans considered their failure to breakthrough to the beaches to the devastating effects of the battleships 15" gunfire.

During the action HMS Warspite was hit by a radio-controlled bomb which exploded in №4 boiler room and passed through the ships bottom. A second one exploded close alongside and holed her on the waterline. She was towed to Gibraltar where initial repairs were made.


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