HMS Laforey (1941) DD  (2nd)

This the second ship to carry the name HMS Laforey was an L Class, destroyer leader. As destroyer leader she had slightly reduced armament to allow the increased complement and working space needed to control a flotilla.

Built by Yarrow, laid down, 01-Mar-1939, launched 15-Feb-1941, commissioned 26-Aug-1941.

On commissioning formed the 19th Destroyer Flotilla in the Mediterranean. Assisted in sinking Italian submarine Ascianghi. Saw action at the Salerno and Anzio landings (hit 5 times by shore batteries).

On 30-Mar-1944, sank U-223, but was herself sunk by the submarine before it was finished off.

Won the Battle Honours: Malta Convoys 1941-42, Diego Suarez 1942, Atlantic 1942, Sicily 1943, Salerno 1943, Mediterranean 1943-44 and Anzio 1944.


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