HMS Aurora (1937) CC  (9th)

This the ninth ship to carry the name HMS Aurora was a light cruiser.

Built at Portsmouth Dockyard, laid down 2-Jul-1935, launched 20-Aug-1936, and completed 12-Nov-1937.

On completion served with the Home Fleet as Rear Admiral (D).

in Sep-1939 was with the 2nd Cruiser Squadron escorting convoys to Norway and took part in operations against the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. then operations against the Bismarck.

Later with HMS Kenya intercepted the German supply ship Belchen on 03-Jun-1941.

During July and August 1941 while with Force K as part of the Home Fleet took part in operations to Spitzbergen and Bear Island. During this while with HMS Kenya intercepted a German trop convoy off Norway and sank the Bremse.

Then it was out to the Mediterranean and arrived at Malta 21-Oct-1941 to form a new Force K.

During operations against axis supply convoys to North Africa, Aurora was mined. Temporary repairs were carried out at Malta, then on 9-Mar-1942 she returned home to Liverpool for full repairs. Rejoined the Fleet Jun-1942.

After this it was back to the Mediterranean to Join Force H and in Nov-42 covered the 'Torch' landings in North Africa. There on 08_Nov-1942 she was in action against Vichy French ships sinking the Tornade and damaging the Tramontane so badly she had to be beached. The next day 09-Nov it was the Epervire which was engaged and driven ashore.

Dec-1942 she was with Force Q, at Bone against axis convoys between Trapani and Tunis.

Then she took part in the Sicily and Salerno landings, before going to the Aegean Oct-1943. There she was bombed and damaged off Castelorizo 30-Oct-43, and went to Taranto for repairs which lasted until Apr-1944. 

In August it was the landings in the south of France, then back to the Aegean. Later assisting with the liberation of Athens.

After the war she was sold 19-May-1948 to the Chinese Navy and renamed Chung King. Renamed by the Communist Chinese Peoples Navy Tchoung King, 1949.

Sunk at Hula-toa 18/19-Mar-1950. Salved 1951, and renamed Hsuang Ho. But is not believed to have become operational again.  Later renamed Pei Ching.

Used as a hulk and renamed Kuang Chou, 1955.

Believed broken up 1960.

Won the Battle Honours: Norway 1940, 'Bismarck' 1941, Malta Convoys 1941, Mediterranean 1941-43, North Africa 1942-43, Sicily 1943, Salerno 1943, Aegean 1943-44, South France 1944.


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