HMS Unicorn (1943) CVM  (10th)

This the tenth ship to carry the name HMS Unicorn was planned as part of the 1938 Naval Expansion Programme and intended to be a depot/maintenance support ship. She was a single ship class.

During construction she was modified to operate her own aircraft as well as maintain aircraft from other carriers.

She was laid down in 1939, launched in 1941, and completed in 1943.

On completion she served as a Light Fleet Carrier in the  Mediterranean, then on Atlantic patrols, before moving to the Pacific.

Early duties involved helping cover the Salerno landing in Italy. When she operated as a Fighter carrier, flying mainly Seafire aircraft over the beachead as Combat Air Patrols. The less valuable escort carriers operated close inshore, with Unicorn further out into the Mediterranean. The more valuable fleet carriers were further offshore and their aircraft covered the inshore ships from attack from German aircraft.

Convoy duties in the Home and Mediterranean fleets followed. Then in 1944 it was out to the Far East.

She returned to the UK in 1946. After which she spent three years in Reserve. Then work as a ferry and spares carrier to the Far East.

During the Korean War she ferried aircraft, spare parts and personnel to Japan. While also acting as troopship on several occasions.

Six years in reserve as a depot ship in Hong Kong followed.

She was scrapped in 1959.

Won the Battle Honours: Salerno 1943, Okinawa 1945 and Korea 1950-53.


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