Date - 02-April/14-June
Type - Area Award
Conflict - Falklands War; 1982

Description The area was defined as being below 35S and North of 60S in the South Atlantic between 02-April and 14-Jun-1982.

It was awarded to all Ships, Submarines, Royal Fleet Auxiliaries and Ships taken up from Trade.

Following the invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentinian forces a task force was raised and sent to the South Atlantic to land a military force and retake the islands.


HM Ships
Active  Alacrity  Ambuscade  Andromeda  Antelope 
Antrim  Ardent  Argonaut  Arrow  Avenger 
Brilliant  Bristol  Broadsword  Cardiff  Conqueror 
Cordella  Courageous  Coventry  Dumbarton Castle  Endurance 
Exeter  Farnella  Fearless  Glamorgan  Glasgow 
Hecla  Herald  Hermes  Hydra  Intrepid 
Invincible  Junella  Leeds Castle  Minerva  Northella 
Onyx  Penelope  Pict  Plymouth  Sheffield 
Spartan  Splendid  Valiant  Yarmouth   
RFA Ships
Appleleaf  Bayleaf  Blue Rover Brambleleaf  Engadine 
Fort Austin  Fort Grange  Olmeda  Olna  Pearleaf 
Plumleaf  Regent  Resource  Sir Belvedere  Sir Galahad 
Sir Geraint  Sir Lancelot  Sir Percival  Sir Tristram  Stromness 
Tidepool  Tidespring       
FAA Squadrons
737 800 801 809 815
820 824 825 826 829
845 846 847 848 899
Merchant Ships
MV Anco Charger  SS Atlantic Causeway  SS Atlantic Conveyor  MV Baltic Ferry  MV British Dart 
MV British Esk  MV British Tay  MV British Test  MV British Trent  MV British Wye 
SS Canberra  MV Contender Bezant  MV Elk  MV Europic ferry  MV Fort Toronto 
MV Geestport  CS Iris   MT Irishman MV Lycaon  MV Nordic Ferry 
MV Norland  RMS Queen Elizabeth 2  MV Saint Edmund  MT Salvageman  MV Saxonia 
MV Scottish Eagle  MV Shell Eburna  MV Stena Seaspread  MV Tor Caledonia  SS Uganda 
MV Wimpey Seahorse  MT Yorkshireman       
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