HMS Antelope (1975) FG  (12th)

This the twelfth ship to carry the name HMS Antelope was a Type 21, Amazon Class, guided missile frigate.

Built by Vosper-Thorneycroft, laud down 23-Mar-1971, launched 16-Mar-1972, commissioned 17-Jul-1975.

Appeared at the Silver Jubilee Review 1977.

On 23-May-1982 while on air defence duty at the entrance to San Carlos Water, Falkland Islands, was hit by 2 x 500kg bombs. After initial damage control work the ship was moved to more sheltered location. That evening while attempts were made to defuse the bombs one exploded. The photograph of Antelope's magazines exploding on the night of 24-May-08, is one of the defining images of the Falklands War and are often shown in histories of the conflict.

Explosions continued through the night and next day she was still afloat with her keel broken and superstructure melted. She broke in two and sank later that day.

Sunk by enemy action in the Falklands War, 24-May-1982.

Won the Battle Honour: Falkland Islands 1982.


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