HM Queen Elizabeth II
Trafalgar 200 - International Fleet Review
Royal Review of the Fleet 28-June-2005

Description The International Fleet Review formed part of the programme of events celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and death of Nelson. The review took place on Tuesday 28th June.

In addition to Royal Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Royal Logistics Corp ships, invitations were sent to 70 nations, 35 of which sent ships to participate. The largest number of navies ever to take part in a Fleet Review at Spithead. In addition to warships a large number of Merchant Navy, Historic ships and Tall ships also took part.

Following the review as darkness falls the assembled fleet light up as a grand finale.

Later 15 tall ships staged an enactment of an 1800 sea battle with fireworks and broadsides.

The following day, Wednesday 29-June an International Drumhead ceremony was held next to the Naval Memorial at Southsea Common to honour maritime veterans of all nations.

Then on Thursday 30-June many of the warships, tall and historical ships and other vessels which took part in the review on the Solent moored two and three abreast along the jetties at Portsmouth to celebrate the International Festival of the Sea.


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