HMS Nottingham (1980) DG  (4th)

This the fourth ship to carry the name HMS Nottingham is a Type 42 air defence destroyer. 

Built by Vosper Thorneycroft at Woolston, laid down February 1978 at the yard, and launched on 18-Feb-1980.

 Her motto is "Foy Pour Devoir" - 'Faith our Duty'.

In July 2002, she suffered an accident which could easily have meant the loss of the ship. 

While en route to Wellington, in New Zealand, she had sent a sick seaman to Lord Howe Island, in the Tasman Sea. While manoeuvring to recover the ship's helicopter, she hit the well charted submarine rock 'Wolf Rock'. This resulted in a 160ft long underwater gash which stretched from bow to bridge, and only extreme damage control efforts stopped her from nearly sinking. Ships from both the Australian and New Zealand Navies steamed to assist. But by the time they arrived the crisis had passed, and they were only needed to stand by if the weather had turned nasty. Nottingham made her way slowly to the Australian port of Newcastle for initial damage assessment, and offload of ammunition. 

She then went to Sydney, where she was loaded on board the Heavy Lift Ship, MV Swan, which took her back to Britain for repair. After repairs she was refloated almost exactly a year to the day after the accident. Then followed a further year of internal repairs and she began sea trials in July 2004, to prepare for her return to the Fleet. 

Following these extensive refits the approximate amount of money spent on Nottingham to date is ;

Build 1978-1980 115m
Refit 1999-2000 55m
Repair 2002-2004 26m

Took part in the Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review.

Paid off at Portsmouth 08-Feb-2010.


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