HMS Chatham (1989) FG  (16th)

This the sixteenth ship to carry the name HMS Chatham is the fourth and last of the Batch 3, Type 22 Frigates. 

Built on the Tyne by Swan Hunters Shipbuilders Ltd, launched 20-Jan-1988 and completed in 1989.

Her design was modified as a result of experience gained with earlier versions of the type in the Falklands Conflict 1982.

HMS Chatham has the rare distinction of having an English motto, subsequently translated into Latin. Shortly before the completion of the ship in 1989, it was decided that the traditional cry of “Up and at em", familiar from rugby and football pitch touchlines within the towns of Medway where the ship was built, would be a fitting tribute.  

From this phrase, translated into Latin we have “Surge et Vince”, or “Arise and Conquer”

Took part in the Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review.

Decommissioned 09-Feb-2011.

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