HMS Monmouth (1993) FF  (7th)

This the current HMS Monmouth is the seventh ship to carry the name, the sixth of sixteen Type 23 Duke Class (1990) Frigates.

Built by Yarrow Shipbuilders of the Clyde, laid down 01-Jun-1989, launched 23-Nov-1991 and commissioned in 24-Sep-1993.

An unusual recognition feature is the black flag flown at the masthead. This is in honour of James Scott the Duke of Monmouth who was he illegitimate son of Charles II. When the Catholic James II became King in 1683, the Duke became a figurehead for those who wanted to depose James. Monmouth returned from France on 01-Jun-1685 landing at Lyme Regis, recruited an army and proclaimed himself King. He was defeated at the Battle of Sedgemoor 5/6-Jul-1685, the last major battle on English soil. Monmouth fled, was captured and beheaded at Tower Hill 15-Jul-1685. He was recognised by a later Protestant King for his courage in support of his country. But his assets remained dissolved, with his coat of arms blacked out.

Took part in the Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review.

In service Apr-2011.


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