Honour - GROIX ISLAND 1795

Date - 23-June
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793-1803

Description The action took place off Quiberon Bay between the British Channel Fleet and a French squadron

On 22-June at 47 4'N 4 16' W14 British ships-of-he-line sighted 9 French ships-of-the-line at 0630hrs. The French immediately set course for Lorient chased by the British.

The next morning off Isle de Groix, the British and French Fleets had scattered but the  British had closed with the French rearmost ship and opened fire at 0600hrs. By 0837hrs three French ships had been taken and the remainder were able to make the entrance to the Lorient.

Of the ships were able to engage:
Irresistible lost 3 killed and 11 wounded,
Orion lost 6 killed and 18 wounded,
Queen Charlotte lost 4 killed and 32 wounded,
Sans Pareil lost 10 killed and 2 wounded,
Colossus lost 5 killed and 30 wounded,
Russell lost 3 killed and 10 wounded,
London 3 wounded,
Royal George 7 wounded,

Total 31 killed and 113 wounded.

The French lost:
Tigre - 130 killed and wounded out of 726 aboard,
Alexandre - 220 killed and wounded out of 666 aboard,
Formidable - 320 killed and wounded out of 717 aboard.


HM Ships
Aquilon  Argus  Astraea  Babet  Barfleur 
Charon  Colossus  Dolly  Galatea  Incendiary 
Irresistible  London  Megaera  Nymphe  Orion 
Prince  Prince George  Prince of Wales  Queen  Queen Charlotte 
Revolutionnaire  Royal George  Russell  Sans Pareil  Thalia 
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