HMS Galatea (1794)  (2nd)
5th Rate 32-gun

This the second ship to carry the name HMS Galatea was a 32-gun, fifth rate, ship.

Built by Parsons of Bursledon, launched 17-May-1794, 112ft 5 long, 36ft 6in wide and of 808 tons builders measurement.

Commissioned May-1794 and captured the French La Revolutionnaire 21-Oct-1794. Then off Pointe du Raz captured the 28-gun French storeship L'Etoile 20-Mar-1796. Drove the L'Andromaque ashore 22-Aug-1796. Captured two privateers, L'Argonaute off Cape Clear 30-Jun-1797 and Le Duguay Trouin on 15-July.

On 06-Nov-1797 captured the French 14-gun, Le Venturier  (HMS Ranger). Paid off 1802.

Recommissioned Apr-1803 and went to the West Indies 04-Feb-1804. Captured the privateer Le reunion off Guadeloupe and her boats destroyed a Spanish privateer 18-Aug-1806, another privateer three days later and the 16-gun privateer Le Lynx off Caracas 21-Jun-1807.

Paid off early1809 and broken up at Woolwich May-1809.

Won the Battle Honour: Groix Island 1795 and 'Lynx' 1807.


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