Honour - Crete 1941

Date - 20-May / 1-June
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45

Description Following the evacuation of Greece, the Germans next target in the Mediterranean was Crete.

The naval battle for the defence of Crete and subsequent evacuation of British and Commonwealth troops was between the Luftwaffe and the Royal Navy.

Losses the Mediterranean fleet were heavy with 3 cruisers (Calcutta, Gloucester and Fiji), and 8 destroyers sunk (Kashmir, Hereward, Kelly, Greyhound, Juno, Diamond, Imperial, and Wryneck). Eleven major warships and nine destroyers were damaged.


HM Ships
Abdiel  Ajax  Auckland  Barham  Calcutta 
Carlisle  Coventry  Decoy  Defender  Dido 
Fiji  Flamingo  Formidable  Glengyle  Glenroy 
Gloucester  Greyhound  Griffin  Grimsby  Hasty 
Havock  Hereward  Hero  Hotspur  Ilex 
Imperial  Isis  Jackal  Jaguar  Janus 
Jervis  Juno  Kandahar  Kashmir  Kelly 
Kelvin  Kimberley  Kingston  Kipling  Kos21 
Kos22  Kos23  Lanner  Naiad  Napier 
Nizam  Nubian  Orion  Perth  Phoebe 
Queen Elizabeth  Rorqual  Salvia  Stuart  Syvern 
Valiant  Vampire  Vendetta  Voyager  Warspite 
Waterhen  Widnes       
FAA Squadrons
Minor Vessels
1011  1030  1032     
67  213  216  217  314 
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