HMS Flamingo (1939) SL  (2nd)

This the second ship to carry the name HMS Flamingo was a Black Swan Class (1939) escort vessel (sloop).

Built by Yarrow, laid down 26-May-1938, launched 18-Apr-1939, and completed 03-Nov-1939.

On completion joined the Rosyth Escort Force and convoy escort work on the East Coast.

To the Norwegian Campaign Apr-1940 and on 3-Jun-1940 was disabled by a near miss. Towed back to Rosyth by HMS Curacao, for repair. Moved to the Red Sea until Apr-1941, then to the Mediterranean to take part in the Greek Campaign. After this was based in Alexandria and operated mainly to and from Tobruk, during the siege. Bombed and heavily damaged 07-Dec-1941.

The damaged ship lay at Suez as a static anti-aircraft ship until Feb-1943 when she was towed to Bombay for repairs, which took from Mar-1943 to Jan-1944. Joined the Eastern Fleet  until Apr-1945 when she returned to the UK.

Refitted at Liverpool with the intention of joining the Pacific Fleet, but when the war against Japan ended was laid up in reserve at Devonport until 1948.

Re-commissioned Jan-1949 and went to the Persian Gulf, returning to the UK late 1952. Returned to the Gulf Jan-1954 and remained there until 1955. Returned to the UK to be laid up in reserve at Devonport.

Sold to the Bundesmarine of West Germany late 1957 and renamed Graf Spee 21-Jan-1959.

Paid off 1964 and sold for breaking up 25-Oct-1967.

Won the Battle Honours: North Sea 1939-40, Norway 1940, Greece 1941, Crete 1941, Libya 1941 and Burma 1944-45.


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