HMS Monmouth (1667)  (2nd)
3rd Rate 66-gun

This the second vessel to carry the name HMS Monmouth was a third rate, 66-gun ship-of-the-line.

Built at Chatham Dockyard, launched Mar-1667, 148ft 6in long, 37ft wide, and of 856 tons builders measurement (bm).

Rebuilt at Woolwich 1700 with an increased tonnage of 944 tons bm.

Rebuilt again, this time at Deptford when the tonnage increased to 1,225 tons bm, and the establishment of guns reduced to 64-guns.

Broken up at Chatham by 28-Aug-1767.

Won the Battle Honours: Sole Bay 1672, Texel 1673, Barfleur 1692, Vigo 1702, Gibraltar 1704, Velez Malaga 1704, Marbella 1705, Finisterre 1747, Ushant 1747, 'Foudroyant' 1758 and Belle Isle 1761.


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